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Greytown School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Community connections through art

Creative name: Bill Taylor

Project information: The project's aim is for ākonga to research, plan, and create murals that will reflect the school’s whakapapa. The goal of these artworks is to provide evidence of Greytown School’s cultural narrative and further develop a sense of pride and belonging amongst our students. 

All students will have an opportunity to contribute to the final product in some form. Allowing students to express their ideas will promote and strengthen a sense of identity within the school and also reflect the community they live, work, and play in. Links will be made to important cultural sites in the area, including Papawai Marae and the prominent landscapes of the Tararua Ranges and the Wahine and Ruamahunga rivers. 

The outcome will be four large hand-painted murals that will be displayed at the entrance to our school and celebrate our rich culture and 160-year history. They will link Greytown School to its community by providing a waharoa (gateway) for all people who enter and leave the school. 

Each panel of the mural will include a digital link, produced by the students. It will share and reflect on the artistic journey they have gone on in creating the murals and the meanings behind them.

Project starting: February 2022

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