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Green Bay Primary School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Under our feet

Creative name

Project information: Our project focuses on soil and geology of our local environment and heritage. It will be a collaborative mural/sculpture assembled from individual handmade sculptural components. We will run a series of interactive workshops engaging students from every level of the school (Years 1-8). There will be 8 classes taking part in the creative process over a number of sessions. 

Students will be able to explore experiences through scientific soil science engagement. Soil Safe Aotearoa and our creative will introduce the project and the multi-layered world of soil through the eyes of science, local stories, and abstract concepts. Students will participate in and celebrate their own and others' visual worlds by exploring visually and conceptually the earth beneath our feet. The project will develop students’ conceptual thinking through drawing, sculpture, design, and painting. Theoretical and natural science investigations will also inform practical enquiry—students will have an opportunity to have a direct tactile, sensory, and conceptual response to notions of nature as whenua and interconnectedness. 

The project uses recycling of paper and natural resources, drawing upon rich natural earthen materials—mainly clays and soils. The gathering and preparation of the materials are entry points for the development of the artwork. The process of gathering soil is always done with careful consideration of and respect for the land. Permission will be sought from private land caretakers and local iwi when possible, and we will practise cultural consideration of soil.

Project starting: May 2022

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