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Golden Bay High School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Te Whakapapa ō Mohua - Mural Taonga

Creative name: Bronwynn Billens and Robin Slow

Project information: Te Whakapapa ō Mohua is a true collaboration creating a Mural Taonga of the whakapapa of Mohua. The aim is to produce a 35m2 piece of visual art to be displayed in our new school entrance. The process will be one of sharing, working together in an authentic way that enhances the values of Te Ao Māori within the context of the kura and within the community. The ways of learning, sharing, and developing skills are the pou of the project, while the end product should be a reflection of this. It will form the foundation for Aotearoa Histories at our kura and the work will become a reference point for both present and future whānau. It will be referenced in not only the skills of production, but in approach and pūrākau. 

The creative aims are around learning about different aspects of Ngā Toi Māori through whakawhanaungatanga, established mana whenua and tauiwi artists working alongside ākonga, whānau, and kaiako. As important is learning about mana whenua pūrākau, our own whakapapa, and Te Reo. Our creative, a mana whenua ki Mohua kaumatua artist, has designed the concept outline for the Taonga Mural, which will include panels using raranga, painting, tukutuku, kōwhaiwhai, and carving (as many aspects of Ngā Toi Māori as possible). Ākonga from across the school will work alongside the mana whenua artists, whānau, and community to plan the detail of the work, and then undertake it. Mana whenua and Maata Waka ākonga, whānau, kaiārahi, kaiako and Onetahua Marae Te Awhi Rito (weaving group) will collaborate in groups on different sections of the mural. Tuakana-teina and ako will underpin learning. Another ākonga group will create a video record of the process to use in future learning. 

We expect over 250 ākonga will be directly involved in some way, with smaller groups working more intensely. Ākonga will be involved in all stages of the process. A mix of traditional and contemporary processes will be used. Participants will experience the Ngā Toi as an all-encompassing and expanding activity that is not confined to one specific area. It allows for the natural integration of all aspects. Whilst the outline concept of the Mural Taonga has been designed, there will be significant scope for collaborative detailed design. Each panel, and different aspects of Ngā Toi Māori, will provide this end-to-end learning experience.

Project starting: February 2022

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