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Gisborne Boys' High School

Region: Hawke's Bay/Tairāwhiti

Art form: Music

Project name: Turanga Tane Choral Group Showcase

Creative name

Project information: For the past decade Gisborne Boys’ High School has had a choral group in place, an eclectic group made up of students from Kapa Haka, the Pasifika group, the First Fifteen/School Rugby teams, and LGBTQI students. It is a safe place where all students are valued equally. The boys sing for community groups, at tangi, and more recently have given up their time to sing for terminally ill people in their homes. This project aims to hold a whānau and community showcase to highlight the power of the Arts in promoting diversity and inclusiveness. It will also dispel stereotypes about the school  being a ‘rugby school’ and give students an opportunity to perform and show their talents to a wider group. 

Increasingly, the spotlight is on the wellbeing of ākonga, and in particular their mental as well as physical health. Oxford University has recently published a study on the psychological benefits of being in a choir in terms of improved mental health and as a way of being connected to others in a way online relationships just cannot maintain. The research supports what those in the Arts already know—as well as being good for the soul, the Arts allows us to connect with people in ways that challenge us as well as allow us to grow as individuals and as teams. 

The showcase gives students the opportunity to see a creative in action and work with them to prepare the waiata, to rehearse, present and record music both as a group and individually.

Project starting: March 2022

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