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Frankley School

Region: Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Kotahi Tātou – We Are One

Creative name: Kristina Watson

Project information: This project aims to communicate and celebrate the diverse range of cultural identities and individuals’ values at Frankley School through the creation of a number of ceramic pou or posts. Each akonga will create a section of the pou, representative of their culture, identity, and personal values, which will then be combined with others and stacked to create a collaborative structure. This project will “recognise and value the unique multi-cultural character of Aotearoa” (The Arts in the NZC) through the celebration of the individual as they contribute to the whole. 

It is proposed that the completed pou will be installed in a prominent position within the school grounds, to be admired by visitors and affirm students’ sense of belonging at Frankley School. Through this project, students will have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of where they come from through research into their individual pepeha. Whānau relationships will be fostered through the discussion and celebration of cultural heritage and the exploration of whānau values. Students will gain a greater sense of self and pride, both through the acknowledgement of their unique culture and identity as well as their contribution to a quality art installation. Students will have the opportunity to learn skills and broaden their experience using the medium of clay. They will be encouraged to explore different ways of visually communicating ideas about their own cultural identity through art and design as well as acknowledging others’. Students will be able to discuss and explain their art-making process and justify their design decisions. 

This project aims to support students’ well-being through the use of the sensory, hands-on medium of clay to communicate ideas (Te Taha Tinana); valuing individuals’ contributions while strengthening links to whānau and heritage (Te Taha Whānau); building students’ self- esteem and self-worth through the recognition of personal identity and self-discovery, and their contribution to the successfully completed project (Te Taha Hinengaro); and the experience of art-making through mindful and purposeful design and hand-building, and the connection to ancestral roots through the study of students’ heritage (Te Taha Wairua).

Project starting: May 2022

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