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Fairfield College

Region: Waikato

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Takoha Puoro

Creative name: Ben Gilgen

Project information: Takoha Music is designed to engage students more deeply in the world of music through supporting them to gain real world experience in composition, recording, event promotion and management, and performance. This is the key creative aim as we want to elevate student thinking in this area and help them to see that it is possible to pursue a career in the music industry while also cultivating their creative instincts and interests. 

The programme is designed to capitalise on the strengths of the lead teacher and the creative, who have performance and stage management experience in the music industry. Both are strongly connected to the world of live performance and are passionate about uncovering, supporting, and mentoring musical talent. Their capability, passion, and cultural connection to the majority of student participants will provide a strong platform for students to be involved in a high quality, authentic, relevant, experience that will reflect best practices in a creative form. The linking to other Māori performers is a key component of this programme and their connections will enable this to be implemented. The strong focus on Māori and Pasifika music composition and performance will support the students to enhance their understanding of their own identity which is a key step to developing global citizenship capability. Our lead teacher is affiliated to Ngāti Kahungunu and our creative is affiliated to Waikato-Tainui. There will be a strong connection to Ngāti Wairere, the mana whenua of our area, which supports the development of the school’s local curriculum. A theme of music composition will focus on Ngāti Wairere narratives.

Project starting: February 2022

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