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Epuni School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Mauriora Mural

Creative name: Ruth Robertson-Taylor and Tracy Underwood

Project information: The creative aim is to engage students, teachers and whānau of Epuni School in a collaborative visual art project. We are a new Enviroschool, and part of our mahi in this area is developing our outside environment. This project will create a series of painted murals for the fence area that runs between our school buildings and the garden—Te Māra Kotahitanga— incorporating our many school cultures, groups and values, local stories, our Enviroschools journey, our school garden, and community elements. We will also create a series of Pou that bring our class tree names to life in a culturally responsible way. The aims of our project (mural and pou) are to deepen learners' knowledge of our kura's whakapapa and community values by collaboratively designing and creating a visual representation of the Epuni School community—past, present, and future—and to develop a deeper cohesion within and between the school and wider community. 

Through our inquiry "Our Place Here", students and their whānau are discovering more about the local area, its history, culture, and people. Learners will understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures that are represented in our school, to develop a strong sense of pride. We aspire for our whole school community to see themselves reflected in the mural, consequently strengthening our sense of connection and belonging. 

Learners and whānau will develop a greater understanding of our school values: Whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga, Manawaroa and Tūtika. Learners will learn and experience the process of developing Poutama and purapura whetū under the guidance of an accomplished Māori artist trained in Māori visual arts and Mātauranga Māori. Students will explore the artistic process including observational drawing, technical drawing, using complimentary colours (colour wheel) and enlarging using ratios, in collaboration with our creatives. 

The final outcome of the artwork will give all those involved a sense of pride and personal achievement that they were part of the creation of a large and collaborative piece of work.

Project starting: February 2022

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