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Central Auckland Specialist School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Arts Alive!

Creative name: Emilia Rubio via Mapura Arts

Project information:

This Expressive Arts Therapy programme will take the students through an experiential process using multimodalities: dance/movement, art–making, music, and writing. The students will experience self-expression and develop their sense of self and confidence while engaging and interacting in a group. 

The multimodal approach offers students a unique experience that is aimed at engaging them with the physical body, cognition, imagination, and emotional regulation. The programme invites students to create their own pieces of art during an incubation period. This programme incorporates the philosophy of Expressive Arts Therapy, an experiential form of psychotherapy using a creative process through different art forms. 

This programme aims to let students: experience personal growth, develop confidence, develop skills, expand movements repertoire and self-awareness, increase creative self-expression and communication, develop self-regulation, increase social interaction, social connections, and group participation, develop group rhythm and coordination, discover new abilities, motivate curiosity, cultivate inspiration and spontaneity, increase vitality/reduce stress levels, improve well-being, experience a supportive and safe environment, and be part of an enjoyable group experience.

Project starting: February 2022
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