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Broadlands School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Creating a Creative 'Buzz' 

Creative name: Sally-Ann Davies

Project information: Broadlands School will embark on a cross-curricula Visual Arts and Environmental Science programme, looking at the importance of bees in our environment. Through a hands-on collaborative process students will learn the importance of the ecosystem. The Environmental Science component supports Broadlands School’s 80 hours of locally funded PLD focus in association with Te Whai Toi Tangata University of Waikato. 

All ākonga will learn and grow through creativity in an inspiring and successful programme. They will use the mediums of printmaking and sculpture to create a collaborative mural and installations for the Broadlands school and community. Students will gain an understanding of the plants in their environment through drawing and painting ‘plein air’, learning and furthering their confidence in painting techniques and colour mixing. Their flower studies will be developed into large flower designs using the process of gelli plate printing. Students will then focus on drawing bees and take their drawings into the medium of linocut printing. All ākonga will create a print of a bee, which will then be printed onto the flowers they have created previously. Finally, students will explore sculpture as an art process to create water bowls for bees as a way to understand the importance of water in the bees’ environment. The ākonga will work collaboratively in teams to create the bee bowls out of recycled materials, and their sculptures will be placed around the school and community. 

In this digital age, we are using our hands less and less and sadly mental health issues are increasing. Scientific studies show the importance of using our hands to unwind from the busy, stressful lives we lead. This hands-on creative project will support, encourage, and educate the whole Broadlands community in the importance of creativity in our lives.

Project starting: March 2022

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