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Birkenhead College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Here we stand

Creative name: Edith Amatuinai

Project information: Over the past year and a half, the importance of unity and community has been highlighted. 'Here we stand' is a project born from the heart. It recognises the importance of documenting time and place and how these documents form the base of our individual and collective identity. These images and photographs of the past and present create meaning and hold meaning. 

The project centres around intensive photographic documentation of the local area: the land, its markers, and the people. The outcome of the project will be an exhibition held on site at Birkenhead College, accompanied by the production of a magazine/photobook that can be distributed to the participants and local schools and community groups. 

'Here we stand' will enable our students to see their lives, their community, and their work as unique, original, and worthy. It will be a truly authentic learning experience that illustrates the complexities, beauty, and power of unity within a community.

'Here we stand' will illustrate contemporary Auckland, as an ambitious, multicultural hub of creativity.

Project starting: February 2022

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