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Awahono School - Grey Valley

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Pare Whakairo Awahono

Creative name

Project information: There are two parts to our project: a Pare Whakairo Awahono and a series of kōwhaiwhai panels. 

Pare Whakairo Awahono: Our senior students will engage and participate in the design and carving of the Pare Whakairo Awahono. The pare will be totara, 6.8 metres long by 300mm wide, and will sit above the entrance to the kura. Through Nga Toi, a core group of senior boys in years 6-8 will be guided by our creative to engage in learning the skills of whakairo and will be part of the creation of the Pare Whakairo Awahono. 

Series of kōwhaiwhai panels: These will be 950mm x 820mm and will be located around the school playground on the external walls of covered learning ‘pods’. All students will participate in the design and painting of these panels, making connections to belonging. 

Both the pare and the kōwhaiwhai panels will represent the environment of the catchment of Awahono school (our place) and reflect Te Ao Mārama, the natural world. How the weather, birds, insects, fish, trees, sun, and moon are related to each other; to the people of our place; and how we all belong here. We will learn of Atua pertinent to the place and explore our role as kaitiaki. Our school values: respect, responsibility, and resilience will be incorporated into these artworks, as will the kaupapa of strength, hope, and peace. Kōrero will explore how these values and kaupapa are equally important in caring for our environment from a Te Ao Māori perspective. All ākonga will participate in this inquiry kōrero to understand the significance to our school, our environment, our community, our identity, and our cultures. We will make connections with our local curriculum involving our whānau, community members and local iwi to share whakapapa.

Connecting to our local curriculum will also draw upon local resources, industries, community members that link to our land and environment, and those that value kaitiakitanga. Our ākonga are experts in their unique home environments and will be encouraged to share their knowledge. Those involved will be engaged in authentic learning experiences that acknowledge, inspire, and build connections with our identity, our language, our whenua, our whakapapa, and our wellbeing.

Project starting: May 2022

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