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Avonside Girls' High School

Region: Canterbury/Chatham Islands

Art form: Literature

Project name: Writing for change - Creative journal publishing

Creative name: Chelsea Houghton

Project information: He aha te kai a te rangatira? He kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero. What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication. 

For our rangatahi, in a world of constant communication, it is more important than ever for them to develop and strengthen their communication and writing skills, as well as integrating creativity and innovation skills into the process. This project is a writing and publishing course for Year 10 ākonga, with the aim of producing a literary magazine by the end of the course that includes a variety of genres of writing as well as art.

The literary journal, where their work is published and shareable in a final form, can either be in a digital or hardcopy/book form. Students will be involved in the full publishing process—concept, writing, editing, selection, copyediting, layout, publishing, and promotion—of a literary magazine. This literary magazine will include creative writing forms—poetry and fiction—as well as criticism in the form of essay/opinion pieces, and art.

This project would align with our local curriculum, which is underpinned by the principles that learning is empowering and is based on positive relationships, deep learning, and strong connections with our community.

Project starting: February 2022

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