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Aorere College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Film

Project name: Aorere Media TV

Creativename: Nirvika Nair

Project information: We are aiming to create a student-led digital media production company within the school. Aorere Media TV will feature a studio-based 'breakfast style' television series that showcases content from the students taking part. There will be student anchors and reporters in the field that work together with student crew, writers, and cast to bring together content every week once processes are established. Due to the lockdowns, we have had significant interest in online content and young people finding most of their time is consumed online. This project has come out of this interest and the need to create a safe online platform to share stories that create a following amongst the community to access true, authentic, and uplifting content.

We aim to have a core class of 20 Year 13 students who would work directly on the creation of episodes and all senior media classes would contribute content, ideas, and news stories. This would allow for intergenerational relationships and mentoring to occur. There are ample opportunities for leadership, confidence building, and creative development.

The show will have weekly webisodes published for the student and wider community that will also be broadcast into all classrooms around the school during weekly mentoring time. There is also an opportunity through this programme to create radio and for e-publication platforms to develop.

The creative would offer their expertise in running such a venture in screen and media production. They would also offer advice and support in working to industry standards and setting up professional gear. The creative would also help with training students in the use of the technology and mentoring around aspects of media.

Project starting: February 2022

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