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Windley School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Music

Project name: Latin American Children's Orchestra

Project information: In all Latin American nations, music is a passion that reflects the great cultural, regional, and ancestral diversity of its people and geography. Much of the music is a blend of Spanish and European influences with indigenous sounds and African beats. Music is identity, sense of belonging and integration, not only for children but for the entire community.

This project, which plans to start an orchestra for Latin American children from schools across Porirua East Kahui Ako, arises from a reality that we encounter every day in schools: Cultural Diversity and Identity. Every day we see children and youth of Latino roots in the classroom who have a special motivation towards music and dance. In this project, we want to meet the needs of students who are highly motivated towards music, willing to dedicate part of their free time in developing their musical abilities, enjoying and acquiring levels that would be unattainable in the normal dynamics of the class. Starting an orchestra is a means to promote "Culture and Identity" through the reconstruction and conservation of their Latin American roots, creating a participatory procedure, to increase the self-esteem and self-regulation of the students.

Project starting: February 2021

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