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Wilford School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Te Huarahi ki te Puna Waiora

Creative name: Sean O'Connor

Project information: ‘Waiata the Taniwha’ is a musical story focussing on themes of personal, social and environmental resilience. The story currently exists in prose form and has been told orally by its author many times to music students over the last few months. It has proven popular and engaging but still has scope for development with student input.

The project also provides the opportunity for students from our mainstream classes and Māori immersion unit to work together towards a common goal, with an authentic platform for the integration of te reo Māori and English in the music and dialogue aspects of the performance. Students will be able to practise their communication skills as they work together to develop the elements of the story. It contains many elements of musical theatre - waiata, acting, dance, musical performance, costuming, set and prop production, and stagecraft; all of which require creative thinking as well as self-regulation.

Project starting: March 2021

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