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Weston School

Region: Otago / Southland

Art form: Film

Project name: Watching Weston

Creative name: Maddy Maxwell, Bridget Ellis

Project information: Our students will create their own TV station for our school including regular screening of school news, showcasing student's achievement and advertising upcoming school events. It will also be a vehicle to share small movies and digital activities undertaken by classes.

It will be an enrichment project for a group of interested senior students, but also include work by other students who have created movies or digital work to share with a wider school community audience. To ensure this broadcast becomes an institution in our school the Creatives will build the technical skills of our younger students so they can take over the project as older students move on to Secondary.

Students will learn how to frame shots, have smoother transitions, improve sound quality and steady outside filming. It will be wonderful to channel enthusiasm into learning about not only film and sound techniques, but also editing. Students wish to improve the quality of their interviewing and filming, ensuring the sound and visual content reflects their passion for the content.

Project starting: February 2021

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