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Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre

Region: Wellington

Art form: Ngā toi Māori / Kōwhaiwhai

Project name: Success in Kōwhaiwhai

Project information: This project will focus on connecting students with the history and meaning of kōwhaiwhai pattern, so they then can use kōwhaiwhai as a medium to create a framework for personal success. The first few lessons will introduce students to basic meanings and uses of kōwhaiwhai. Once students can identify common names and are able to draw the patterns they will then go to Te Papa to study patterns from taonga in the collection. From there, students will start to develop personal connections to designs and begin to create their own stories out of kōwhaiwhai patterns. Students will have a personal Pitau-a-Mania pattern that they have created, to represent their story of success at Wellington High School.

Project starting: March 2021

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