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Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre

Region: Wellington

Art form: Music / DJing

Project name: AUX101

Project information: Students will cultivate their talent and identity through a mentorship based project using electronic music (DJing). Through this project students will build a stronger, healthier and more diverse community of creatives within the school.

Electronic music is underrepresented in our school curriculum even though globally it has become a huge part of our young people's lives. As a school, we want to support students further by providing more positive developmental experiences in the arts that our young people already see as essential to their existing identities. The project will be inclusive of all year levels and provide training in DJing as opposed to music production which will allow for lesser experienced students to involve themselves in the creation of electronic music.

Access to music lessons and development of musical talent is often paired with privilege;  this project will provide a gateway for those that may not have had this privilege before.

The low barrier to entry is ideal for students that may not have had formal training and gives them a chance to develop the same sense of professionalism and commitment that formal or classical music training promotes. Music has been traditionally taught in schools with classical theory and instruments, however the music industry is moving toward more identity-based artistry and the use of non-traditional equipment.

Project starting: May 2021

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