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Vauxhall School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts / Mural

Project name: Centenary Wrap

Creative name: Sparrow Phillips

Project information: We will create a powerful visual artwork to reflect this our upcoming centenary; a piece that generations of future Vauxhall students will connect with, that will make each pause and ponder over, for years to come.

The kaupapa of the project reflects upon our changing lives and combines inspirational and motivating words that students will write (based on our strong school values) with the stencil genius of a local artist. These words will be spray painted onto the walls.

Behind these words will sit brightly coloured geometric shapes and planes, overlaid with beautiful images of local putiputi that the children will design. Senior ākonga are welcomed into the whole process, from concept development, to site prep, to the crafting of the text, the execution of the imagery and background colour blocking. They will also get to witness Component work throughout and learn how an artist practises. The artwork will combine graphics, stencil work, spray paint and acrylic paint.

Project starting: February 2021

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