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Thorrington School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Music / Dance

Project name: Re-build Re-use

Project information: Project themes consist of reducing waste from demolition and construction by making musical instruments from the waste materials and exploring the sounds and sights of construction through music and dance.

During 2021, Thorrington Primary will undergo a major rebuild of classrooms, playgrounds and their school hall. The whole school will take part in a course of learning through music and dance to help the children make sense of the changes going on around them.

The music and dance project will enable students to explore the sights and sounds of the construction process. The students will explore resourcefulness by making instruments out of construction materials. Through music, they will explore how sound is made, and the music elements of beat and rhythm. They will learn how to write a song about the re-use of waste materials and the re-build of the school provoking environmental discussion.

They will create soundscapes to imitate the sounds of construction. The students will observe the movement of construction workers, cranes, diggers, beams and framing and they will explore and create movement to create a dance.

This work will be shared with the wider school and parent community in a performance in the school assembly at the end of the project and again for the opening ceremony of the new school hall when it is completed.

Project starting: May 2021

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