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Te Waka Unua School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Film

Project name: Te Waka TV!

Project information: We are rewriting the often unfortunate script of our local area; we are living and creating our own positive stories. Te Waka TV will help us to capture them and share them with our community. This project will allow us to explore, develop and share our local curriculum through the magic of creating audiovisual content for our very own platform, Te Waka TV. News, music, current affairs, advertisements, comedy, sports, dramas, game shows; our students will create epic content, exploring a range of techniques, stop motion, animation, live TV, reporting, and green screen. The content we produce will tell the story of who we are, by showcasing our vision, values and core skills as the central themes.

Our students will be given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of  TV production and then our students will use their skills and knowledge to innovate and collaborate with each other/our creative/their teacher/their Whānau to create audio visual content. Eventually the students share their TV channel with the wider school community and celebrate their success in an Awards ceremony.

Project starting: February 2021

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