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Te Rangihakahaka Centre for Science and Technology

Region: Bay of Plenty / Waiariki

Art form: Ngā toi Māori / Raranga

Project name: Te Kono- Matauranga a Te Whare Pora

Creative name: Riria McDonald, Victoria Pirihi

Project information: Many of the learnings in Raranga connect to historical knowledge and are still apparent and used in our local marae, which many of our students are affiliated to. The historical and whakapapa connection of our kura ‘Te Rangihakahaka’ to Ngāti Whakaue is key to the type of curriculum we are providing.

Year 5 to 6 Students will gain basic introductions to Raranga. They will experience Ngā mahi a te Whare Pora – Learn karakia – for making/Tikanga a te whare pora/Te Reo/Historical importance of location of learning. They will learn how to prepare flax for weaving, understand the processes to prepare the leaves to weave, understand and recall Tikanga, Karakia, naming of tools, Te Reo, and gifting of the first product made.

Year 7 to 8 students will cover the learnings of year 5 to 6 however will be further extended.

Project starting: February 2021

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