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Tasman Bay Christian School

Region: Nelson / Marlborough

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Storytelling/film

Project name: Curiosity in Material Experimentation - Developing Storytelling of Tūrangawaewae

Project information: This project focuses on two aspects of tūrangawaewae:

  1. Creative exploration, experimenting with techniques of visual art and developing knowledge of art-making tools and materials.
  2. Integrating literacy through the art of story-telling through our students.

The initial part of the experience will be a focus on the inquiry process (not the outcome), without any end goal to restrict Ākonga. Students will play and explore with a variety of mediums and raw materials including, clay, chalk, play dough, sand, paint, collage, natural materials and sculpture. Students will communicate and reflect what they have discovered through reflecting in video and images about their learning experiences.

As children gain confidence, we will work these art forms into storytelling, producing an animated short film. As part of the school literacy programme, students will unpack their turangawaewae through pepeha, narratives or explanations of where they live (place) or their heritage. Students will use a medium they have experienced to develop a visual to support their story. This will be shown through time-lapse of art form creation, or by stop-motion animation (with the audio being their story as shared by each individual child).

We will share with our community through a film festival: either locally at school or based at our local marae (Te Āwhina). This will be a major event in the school calendar, with displays of storyboarding, student photos and the learning journey on display for viewing, before the "major event" of each child's completed story on view.

Project starting: May 2021

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