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Takapuna Grammar School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts / 3D Printing

Project name: Developing Characters through Creative Expression

Creative name: Julian McKinnon

Project information: Taking creative learning as a working premise, this project will see our creative mentoring students who wish to develop the use of digital tools in artmaking. Students will explore and develop possibilities for the creation of publicly installed artwork around the school. This will be followed by a modelling, prototyping, and artmaking process that allows students to create artwork that incorporates digital technology in the form of laser cutting and 3D printing.

Students will be encouraged to create visual and written responses to the complex thoughts and feelings arising from changing social conditions associated with COVID-19, coupled with an exploration of whakapapa; where students are encouraged to engage with their whānau to learn about ancestral experiences of adversity. These reflections will be the starting point for the development of the artworks.

Project starting: May 2021

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