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St Hilda's Collegiate

Region: Otago / Southland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Performing Arts

Project name: Poetic Invigoration/ Collaborative Creative Expression

Project information: The project is based around the idea of invigorating different classes and subjects across all levels (visual art – year 10, theatre sports – year 7 to 13, music – year 10, dance – year 13 and performing arts – year 10). Utilising the practices of poetry, poetic thinking, lyric writing, self-determined creative expression and performance technique, each class will use these practices to create a mini-project specific to their subject. This will culminate in a multi-disciplinary exhibition/performance collaboratively created across all the mini-projects, open to whānau and the community.

By spreading the project across the school we are creating creative, student-driven educational opportunities for the widest possible range of students and educators that strengthen the school values. The self-determined nature of the projects puts emphasis on all of these by placing the power of the project in the hands of the students and allowing them to build confidence, language and interpersonal skills, creative expression and self-validation and regulation through conceptualising, devising, delivering and presenting their contribution to the project.

Project starting: May 2021

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