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Sacred Heart Girls' College

Region: Waikato

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Once the embers settled

Project information: In 2017 a section of classrooms and the staffroom were decimated by arson. This was a huge loss to the school and caused upset and pain to the school community. Students will devise a performance around this event. Throughout the project students will go into the community and interview ākonga, whānau and colleagues past and present. Throughout the devising students will learn how to creatively explore different ways of interpretation for retelling of the story that will show what was lost but what has been rebuilt. It will be a piece inspired by the community, performed for the community.

The importance of the project is bringing closure to the event that occurred and reflecting the communities forgiveness, strength and resilience. Our school community of students, whānau, friends and staff would all join in the space to view the performance which would be symbolically a healing of the past four years but also a celebration of what this new space offers our ākonga. This show would bring closure, healing, and demonstrate that through forgiveness and time there is always Hope.

Project starting: June 2021

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