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Rotorua School

Region: Bay of Plenty / Waiariki

Art form: Ngā toi Māori / Raranga

Project name: Raranga

Project information: We plan to enrich current curriculum by providing localised educational programmes and sourcing people from our community who are experts in the field of Raranga and, where possible, affiliate to Te Arawa.

It is important to connect their heritage to student learnings and to nurture the understanding of Raranga amongst the students. This will assist local iwi with the revitalisation of Raranga, on the marae.

For our non-Māori students it is crucial that they improve their understanding of local iwi and have the opportunity to be involved in and participate with the Māori art form Raranga.  The program will be delivered at Te Papa i o uru Marae – Ohinemutu, enhancing the student’s learning experiences.

Project starting: July 2021

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