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Rotorua Girls' High School

Region: Waikato

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Theatre

Project name: Same Same but Different

Project information: Same Same but Different is a concept around students understanding that their own personal stories are rich and valued. Through their storytelling, they will be able to express their own cultural heritage and gain an understanding and appreciation of others' attitudes, beliefs and values. The work would involve both junior and senior students from all subject areas within our kura, with an emphasis on encouraging our Pasifika students to participate. We will form a collective with an open door policy allowing students to bring their own skillset to the works. This might include costuming, acting, choreography, technologies, singing and scripting and will encourage students to work in their own language if desired.

The students will initially work on pieces for the SGCNZ National University of Otago Sheila Winn Shakespeare in Schools Competition, focusing particularly on self-devising and creating their own works within the structure of the festival. Use of movement and sound, creating their own scenarios, costumes etc is also key in their own expression of their Shakespeare pieces.

Another focus is to work with our Pasifika students, culminating in an end of term devised work. There will be a focus on storytelling through movement, song, gagana (language, text) and looking at myths and legends in a contemporary sense.

The tikanga of this collective will feed into the kaupapa of our school production, ‘Once on this Island’, an indigenous love story.

Project starting: February 2021

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