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Rosehill College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Dance / Hiphop

Project name: Hip Hop fundamentals

Creative name: Alexandra Page

Project information: The project is designed to integrate the learning of the fundamentals of Hip-hop dance into the Dance curriculum. The practical dance curriculum is split between choreography and performance and the knowledge gained in learning dances for performance is transferred when the students are choreographing dances of their own. Hip-hop as a dance form sits within a wider culture of self-expression that helps to uplift communities and give young people a voice through dance.

Alex will teach a combination of set choreography pieces for performance assessments, and ongoing lessons on the fundamentals of different styles of Street Dance, such as Waacking, Locking, House, Popping, Breaking, Voguing and Litefeet. In addition, her support will be used to create a co-curricular group for students of all levels who wish to dedicate time outside of class to further up-skill. The aim for this group is to work towards having a presence in inter-school showcases and competitions, such as Stand Up Stand Out. The routines from both the curriculum classes, and co-curricular groups, will be performed in Dance showcases, open to the public, designed to engage with the community and give students a platform for the demonstration of their works.

Project starting: May 2021

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