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Raglan Area School

Region: Waikato

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Freedom 2 Fly Whaingaroa

Creative name: Jair Ramirez, Jessica Ramirez

Project information: The project’s main focus is to teach students circus skills which will be researched, developed and performed in a final show – giving students tools and an opportunity to express themselves and their ideas creatively with movement, music, lighting and costume.

Students will have the chance to train ‘industry specific’ skills safely, putting them together in a ‘story’ and performing for whānau and friends. Insight and advice will be offered to students who wish to further their knowledge and skills. Students will be supported to write their own creative performance possibilities’ and these written pieces will be explored with circus tutors to help tailor the experience around the students’ hopes and current abilities.

Students will experience circus skills in a professional setting, supporting the acquisition of specific skills and capabilities (hula hooping, juggling, acrobatics, diabolo and dance) all of which build confidence, self-esteem and foster a culture of personal achievement.

Project starting: February 2021

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