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Puketapu School

Region: Taranaki / Whanganui / Manawatu

Art form: Music

Project name: Pukelele Orchestra

Creative name: Rachel Sandilands-Meijer

Project information: This project will introduce music classes using the ukulele to a large group of children who have not had the opportunity to express themselves using this form of creativity. The aim of this project is to provide a solid foundation as a starting point for the kura, Kaiako and tamariki to become comfortable learning and performing at assemblies and mini school concerts during this course, and to have the confidence to branch out and diversify their interests after completion to such things as out of school classes and clubs and the end of year school production.

Our tamariki will be learning chords, focusing on music that is relevant to our students and that is culturally inclusive, with a spotlight on New Zealand music. Students are encouraged to express their creativity not only through the ukulele but by writing and learning songs that keep them engaged and spark curiosity for further learning experiences within the Arts.

Project starting: February 2021

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