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Porirua College

Region: Wellington

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Birds don't land there anymore

Project information: This will be a visual theatre presentation including projection, live VJing, storytelling, acting, illusion, song and dance. We will build the story with students, artists and community, but our starting place is about a girl who has the ability to talk to famous navigator Kupe.

Global warming is a personal issue at Porirua College. Tokelauan students are the fourth biggest student group at our school; we also have Tuvalu students. Reports say in the next 50 to 60 years the land that is known as Tuvalu and Tokelau will no longer exist. In 50 years time our Porirua College students will not be able to ‘go home’ to their homeland. Hence the creation of our project name – ‘Birds don’t land there anymore’. Humans and wildlife will become climate change refugees. 

Other schools involved: Russell School / Brandon Intermediate

Project starting: July 2021

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