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Park Estate School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Ko Wai Au?

Creative name: Beth Kayes, Katie Burson

Project information: This project will employ a two-pronged approach which will include the teaching and learning of physical theatre skills, and story. The physical theatre skills will include balance acrobatics, character movement, chorus of movement, physical sculptures. Story will come from investigations inspired by the book ‘Who Am I?’ by Philip Bunting, which Park Estate School have offered as the starting point for the project. Physical theatre skill and story will be woven into a piece of theatre to be presented at the end of term 1, 2021.

This theatre process will strengthen interpersonal bonds and build community, vital in a world punctuated by isolation and lockdown, due to the global pandemic. The final outcome would be the thrill and discipline of working together to perform a show to an audience.

Project starting: February 2021

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