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Paeroa College

Region: Waikato

Art form: Multi-Disiplinary

Project name: Ohinemuri Hikoi

Project information: Our local area is rich in history and stories. We want to give those stories a voice in our school space. We aim to improve literacy skills in our students as well as their confidence in themselves as creative rangatahi, being able to apply their communication skills while creating and performing. We are going to explore the history in our quad space as well as the surrounding awa and area. We are going to set up pou/information stands that will tell that portion of the story and history. The students will do all the background work learning about, creating their stories and then recording them. Their stories will be told through movement, voice, song, and clay. The digital recordings of their work will be connected to QR codes on our Pou, for people to listen to/see while in the school space.

The creative works and performances that they get to view will be made in collaboration with our local artists who hold some of the stories and the knowledge to share through their various mediums. We will invite our community in for an unveiling to engage with the students’ work.

Project starting: March 2021

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