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Owairaka District School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts / Mural

Project name: The Poutama Pattern Project

Project information: A visual art project that builds upon the multicultural nature of Owairaka District School and celebrates its diversity involving the whole school years 1 to 6.

Students will learn about a range of cultural patterns that tell us about that society, their beliefs, principles and values. As well as expressing visual imagery, including geometric shape, flora and fauna from that place/country. The patterns selected would draw upon the wide range of cultures represented at the school. The patterns would be suggested by whānau and come from different sources; such as fabric, objects and architecture.

The end result of this process would be a large painting the students would paint directly onto an asphalt or concrete area of the school grounds. A non-slip outdoor paint would be used enabling the project a long life. Like a large painted carpet, the artwork would continually welcome families to the school. The aim is to create recognition and belonging for the students and school community.

Project starting: July 2021

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