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Otorohanga College

Region: Waikato

Art form: Ngā toi Māori / Visual Arts

Project name: Ko Au, Ko Mātou, Ko Tātou: Me, Us, All of Us

Project information:

Whiria te tangata ka puta he oranga, whiria nga mahi toi ka puta he tino rangatiratanga.

Weaving people promotes well-being, weaving the arts promotes excellence.

Our project aims to provide a learning opportunity for our students to understand what connects them to our school and community. Everyone has a pepeha which links them to their whenua, ancestors and to all of those that came before them. Through this project students will research what those significant places are for our school and create visual representations that all akonga, kaiako and whānau will be able to connect with.

Students will work with our creative to create large paintings that honour our school pepeha. These artworks with then go on display in our quad area where most students visit on a daily basis. This project will hold so much value for not only the students but for everyone who has come before them and for all those yet to come.

Project starting: May 2021

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