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Otari School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Ngā kōrero tuku iho o Otari

Project information: This project will see two large-scale artworks installed in the Otari School hall that reflect on the history of the area and express the collective identity of this unique school. The first artwork will be installed above the front door and welcomes people into the hall. The second artwork will be installed on the back wall of the hall and provides a visual background to the school activities held within that space.

Students will undertake research about the tangata whenua of Otari and reflect on their personal sense of belonging to the school. Drawing on this research the Creative will introduce students to visual communication methods and working with a variety of art media and methods including drawing, print, collage and painting. Working collaboratively, students will design mdf cut-outs, which form the structure for each artwork and provide a coherent basis for the installation as a whole. These units will be visually developed by students and brought together as two large-scale collaborative artworks.

Project starting: May 2021

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