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Otago Girls' High School

Region: Otago / Southland

Artform: Music

Project name: Ngā reo o te Wāhine: Encouraging the growth of female artists in a male-dominant industry

Project information: The project will cover songwriting workshops, recording workshops, production, and understanding the music industry.

Songwriting workshops will include what makes a good song, how to co-write, lyric workshops, and general support around students creating their own work. Once the students have completed their songs, they will have a performance-ready original song.

Once students have completed their original song, our creative will work with students to allow them to understand software such as Logic X Pro (commonly used by producers in the music industry), while also providing them with the knowledge on how to set up a recording studio in regard to interfaces, correct microphone technique, and live recording instruments. Students will then work to produce their own songs by editing vocals, adding further instrumentation and balancing sound levels of their recording.

Throughout the entirety of the project our creative will discuss the importance of understanding the music industry. This will include discussing APRA, copyright, streaming platforms, live performances, applying for New Zealand on Air funding, and the importance of knowing your rights within the music industry.

Project starting: May 2021

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