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Newton Central School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori / Performing Arts

Project name: Te Kauhanga Ora: Māori arts and wellbeing

Project information: Toi Māori interconnect with all areas of life. For Māori, they cultivate and strengthen wellbeing through a multiplicity of culturally vibrant relationships within whānau, hapū and iwi. The mātauranga (culturally connected knowledge reflective of Māori values or tikanga) within Toi Māori draws upon Māori movement that can incorporate yet is not isolated to characteristics of poi (ball on string), maurākau (weaponry), and waiata (song); and taonga puoro (traditional instruments & treasures). Toi Māori also fosters te reo Māori language, and symbols and images that may incorporate, kōwhaiwhai (patterns and designs), whakatauki (proverbs), pūrākau (stories) and rōngoa (plant knowledge).

This project will deliver a series of Kanikani (dance), Taonga puoro (music) and rongoā (plant wellbeing). Students and their whānau will have the opportunity to learn through, and connect to the knowledge located within Māori arts.

Project starting: May 2021

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