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Mt Roskill Primary School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Music

Project name: Hākoi Tuatahi | First Steps

Creative name: Sarah Spence

Project information: The first time that a child picks up and plays a musical instrument is a formative experience. We want to create an unforgettable opportunity for Year 2 tamariki to take these first steps in a fully inclusive, supportive environment. Through Hākoi Tuatahi | First Steps, 100 children will have the experience of learning and playing a string instrument for the first time, guided by an experienced creative professional.

Music is an essential part of our local curriculum. This project will create an extension for Year 2 to learn the basics of musicianship through learning to sing and play the violin. At Year 3 we have a dedicated teacher who will teach the children the recorder and then Year 4 to 6 children have the opportunity to learn the ukulele. This will extend our children's experiences from a focus on song and dance to a planned approach of learning instruments as they progress through the school with the hope of being able to form a local band.

Project starting: March 2021

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