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Matua School

Region: Bay of Plenty / Waiariki

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Warnings on the Wind - Making our Local Stories Visible

Creative name: Sandra Landolt

Project information: This project weaves together our school's Local Curriculum and Inquiry Approach Learning Model to lead students to create an interactive art installation inspired by ‘The Legend of the Talking Tui’ to make our stories visible to our students and community.

Emerging from a partnership with our kāumatua and local hapū, we have been gathering and recording our local stories with the intention of making these visible in our school. Presently, four legends are being developed one of which is ‘The Legend of the Talking Tui’.

The intention of this project is to share this story through creating an interactive art installation that integrates achievement objectives from Visual Art, Music, Languages, English, and Technology that shares the story not just with our students but also with our community.

Project starting: March 2021

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