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Marlborough Boys' College

Region: Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Fi: Cross Curricular Pasifika Creativity

Project information: Fi, a Tongan word for weave is the inspiration for this project. Three creative artists will weave their collective skills in dance, theatre, music, spoken word and Pacific Arts to teach multi-disciplinary arts and integrate cross-curricular teaching that incorporates Pacific dance, song and poetry (including creative writing and spoken word). They will work with selected year 11 to 13 students to develop creative content using the multi-disciplinary arts and English (subject) to explore their cultural identity and heritage.

Our creative aims and outcomes are youth-centric and designed to engage young Pacific males in a way that is relevant for them. We want to create a space for the young people to articulate their identity and tell their story through a creative outlet and be confident in their identity in a region where their culture is marginalised. This project creates a platform for the young men to give them confidence and tools for their voices to be heard.

Project starting: April 2021

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