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Mana College

Region: Wellington

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori / Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Mana College Cultural Redesign

Project information: The Mana College Cultural redesign project, which will involve a staged construction of the entire plant, uses place to prioritise design elements from our newly written cultural narrative. This cultural narrative is a transformational piece of work, which will see the college develop into a future-focused, community-minded school of choice in Western Porirua.

With the first stage of construction due to start next year, the school plans to bring the creative community and students together to design and create various elements, such as carvings, weaving and painting of designs.

The redesign includes the repositioning of the wharenui to the front of the school and supported by key landscapes artefacts, including the waharoa, pou whenua and other features. We plan to enter into a process of design, using the cultural narrative as a guide for the work.

The aim of this project is to upskill and ready students in the three different art forms that are typically found in the Māori meeting house.

Project starting: February 2021

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