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Linwood College

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Digital Arts / Design

Project name: Exploring cultural responsiveness through virtual reality in art to enable personal expression

Creative name: Dr. Claire Hughes

Project information: We have chosen a cultural project within art to deliver to all our senior art students in 2021. This is an opportunity for our learners to express their personal identity which supports their wellbeing and sense of community. VR (virtual reality) technology allows unique ways to express intangible aspects of culture and personal identity. Alongside this, years 7 to 10 will be offered a cross-integration project and all levels will have the opportunity to involve whānau and community in this innovative project.

The aim is for the learners to develop creative artwork of less tangible aspects of cultural identity. By working directly into the virtual space learners can create imaginative virtual worlds that would not be possible in the real world. This will enable the creation of abstract elements of culture such as spirituality, feelings, legend, customs, community, symbols and language to be expressed artistically.

Project starting: February 2021

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