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Kenakena School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Music

Project name: Music and Movement Co-Creation

Creative name: Jonas Koukl

Project information: The project will have two main aims.

  1. The opportunity for all students, staff and whānau to take part in sessions where they can discover the magic of music in a unique way – not just as an audience member or a performer, but as a co-creator. Through the use of hundreds of music-therapy instruments combined with movements and voices, Jonas will provide a supportive environment where students and adults can let go of inhibitions, relax, play, express, have fun and communicate through sound. 
  2. A small group of students will work with Jonas to explore the healing power of music at Waiata Whakapuā waiā sessions. Jonas will work with these students to guide them to find positive ways to process their emotions. 

In addition to this, two planned staff development sessions will provide our teachers with ideas of how to incorporate music and movement into our classrooms, and help to show us how we can better utilise the musical instruments we already have in school.

Project starting: February 2021

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