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Kelston Girls' College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Visual Arts

Project name: 'I AM'

Project information: 'I AM' is a project we will run for a Level 1 Art class to express their 'stories' through a range of multi-discipline approaches. Students will have the opportunity to work in a cross-curricular way by producing a piece of creative writing in their English classes, which will be used to inspire a sculptural work that will be 'worn' and photographed and/or filmed. This work might be presented as an audio-visual as a way of creatively incorporating their narratives. As well as students learning about how artists work within and alongside our local community, they will also experience a wide range of career opportunities within the creative industries as we plan on exhibiting the work that is created in our local gallery Te Uru.

Project starting: February 2021

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