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Kahurangi School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Dance

Project name: Migration, Movement & Manaakitanga

Project information: We will host an artist residency with multiple learning outcomes associated with the national and local curriculum. In addition to a series of artistic works co-created with our community, dance workshops will incorporate learning from other school disciplines such as science, social studies and geography, alongside cultural knowledge and personal experiences.

Reinforcing knowledge from throughout the school curricula, dance workshops will encourage creative and analytical thought at all year levels. Using the kinetic medium of dance, students will explore personal experiences of immigration to Aotearoa, scientific navigation technologies and tools, space and astronomical navigation methods. They will learn about New Zealand’s migratory species, Oceanic-centric mythologies and migration histories. Student-generated knowledge will be guided into kinetic manifestations of pattern, locomotion, numeracy, cultural mythology and symbolism which will ultimately inform the creation of a new class choreography based on the students' own ideas and dance explorations. Students will gain a basic understanding of dance techniques, skills and choreographic devices while experiencing the joy and freedom of movement.

Project starting: July 2021

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