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Isleworth School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Music

Project name: Māori and Pasifika Music Time with Loopy Tunes

Project information: We will run a fun, interactive, multi-disciplinary music education programme with Junior School students in each school. The focus of the programme will be Māori and Pasifika (Tongan and Samoan) music.

The project will run as live music sessions, with our creatives leading on guitar and ukulele, with singing and harmony. Our tamariki will learn waiata that have a strong beat and rhythm focus, call-and-response, and changes in tempo and dynamics. It will also include small group work, allowing a different setting, and opportunity to express and implement the students’ ideas.

Students will explore how richly music serves the three cultures, and will help to open discussion, allowing them to share and express how music relates to them in their everyday lives. They will also learn some sign language, as well as using musical props/instruments and other hand or body actions. Ākonga will explore different ways to use their hands and tinana to represent the music and sounds they are hearing, and incorporate these ideas in the waiata they are learning.

The project finale will be for students to share and present their learning in an end-of-term variety-style concert, either to the school (in assembly), to their parents, or both!

Other schools involved: Te Waka Unua School / Queenspark School / Elmwood Normal School

Project starting: May 2021

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