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Hobsonville Point Primary School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Puppet Powers

Creative name: Ifat Vayner

Project information: A  journey of creation and imagination with three different puppets that will be created and manipulated by children between the ages of 5 to 12.

Hero Friends is a puppetry workshop that aims to help children with social and communication needs by using puppets to encourage oral communication in a play safe theatrical place to overcome daily problems and conflicts. This will be through use of a ‘hero’ puppet, as well as glove emotion puppets to create a representation of a feeling (such as anger, sadness, stress) for each character and manipulate it in short scenes in front of the class.

We will start by sculpting the head of the puppet and then make the other parts from fabric.

We will learn how to manipulate puppets behind the screen and will work on short scenes of encounters between characters. We will create a giant puppet with a group that will perform in front of school children and families.

Through puppetry our Ākonga can find safe ways to explore emotions, express themselves and share their worries and concerns.

Project starting: February 2021

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