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Good Shepherd School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Theatre

Project name: Te Whenua, To Tatou Kura, To Tatou Iwi The Land, Our School, Our People

Creative name: Geoffrey Clendon

Project information: This project is a whole-school production of drama, music and dance. It will involve us exploring our history and telling our story, starting with pre-human, the arrival of tangata whenua, their use of the whenua, the arrival of Pākeha, the arrival of the Catholic Church and the establishment of the kura, and the struggles and successes of all these people up to the present day. Major events will be researched and assembled into a cohesive timeline. From the research, scenes will be devised, assembled and culminate in a performance. As part of the project, the Creative will teach drama techniques and conventions while eliciting input from students. This project will bring our story alive for our students and community and will make an ongoing contribution to the school's kaupapa. It will provide an authentic record of the story of our school and the Good Shepherd parish. 

We will establish connections with many local people, archivists, historians and kaumatua, and these connections will remain into the future.

Project starting: February 2021

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